Personality Types

So, we’ve already established that I’m obsessed with Myers Briggs, though at present I’m a little confused over what my type is.  I was so so sure I was an INTP but then I thought, no, I’m probably more of an E than an I, so I must be an ENTP, but then Shaine was like, you are not a T, you’re an F.  So now I’m all confused…Is it possible I’m an ENFP? All these years I’ve thought of myself of an introverted thinker, but is possible I’m actually an extroverted feeler?  Could the sun set in the middle of the night and the sky be pink? Maybe friends, maybe.

Thrillingly, for this huge nerd right here, there are many more personality type thingys (that is their Latin name) out there in the university of Google. Such as!!! Enneagrams!  And Temperments!  Woo Hoo!

Not that I would ever obsess over anything, least of all myself (lies lies lies), I may be a personality type junky.  I can’t help it!  They are far from an exact science and I seem to change my mind about which type I am every week or so, but for some reason I’m hooked.  I’m a Cabo San Lucas Grouper and the Personality Tests are a boatful of drunk tourists. Get me?

Ok, I know you’re all dying of suspense, so I’ll just tell you: I think I may be a 7 on the Enneagram, which would mesh perfectly with being an ENTP.  I thought for sure I was a 5 which would mesh with an INTP but all the tests I’ve taken say, no, you’re not a 5.  I think the thing that trips me up about all this is I must view myself as a shy, reserved, deep thinker (i.e., 5, INTP) but I’m actually an obnoxious, pleasure seeking lush (i.e., 7, ENTP).  This is reflected perfectly in a conversation I had with someone who knows a lot about Enneagrams:

“So, what’d you score?”

“Well, I thought I’d be a 5 but I scored 7.”

“Hmm, what degree did you get in college? That should tell you something about your personality.”

“Oh, I dropped out of community college after about a year.”

Awkward silence.

So, I guess I’m that terrible kind of person that thinks they’re much smarter than they really are?  But, on the plus side, maybe I’m also more likable than I ever thought I was?  I don’t know.  Does it matter? No, probably not.  Ok, I just heard the whole blogging world sigh in unison so I’m moving on.

To the Temperments!  (You didn’t think I was done talking about the tests, did you? Neva)  The Temperments are much easier, in my opinion, to figure out as there are only four so their descriptions are much broader and I don’t feel the need to flip-flop every time I have indigestion or don’t get enough sleep.

Part of this obsession with typing comes from wanting to understand my children (it’s not all about me, I promise!) so I think I’ll describe the four types through them:


Jo – Sanguine/Choleric.  The most active of all the types (hold me, Jesus).  Sanguine types are fun loving, pleasure seeking extroverts.  Cholerics are quick tempered, strong willed types.  This is the type of child that will tie FOUR ropes of varying materials from your bannister (see above) so she can continue moving even while watching TV.  Jo’s main goal in life is to make people laugh, though, if she can’t pull that off, she’s also content with making people cry.  Whatevs.

anna(I did not make the above picture Godzilla gigantic and this pic small as a mouse on purpose.  I just have no idea what I am doing)

Anna – Melancholic/Phlegmatic.  Melancholics are sensitive, quiet, introverted thinking types.  Phlegmatics are calm peacemakers.  This combo is interesting as the two instincts are at a bit of a variance with each other.  Anna is the type of child who cries over something her sister has said to her, yet begs you not to be upset with the offending sister, and cries even harder if said sister is punished in any way.

If you can’t tell, Anna and Jo are complete opposites, which has the potential to create conflict, but actually has been a huge blessing in many ways.  Jo, left to herself, is a savage barbarian that belongs in a Roman colosseum while Anna is so prim she shrieks if an ant crawls over her toe.  In short, they NEED each other.  Jo brings loads of fun into Anna’s otherwise neat and tidy world while Anna makes Jo a bit more aware of ridiculous things such as manners and closing the door while you go the bathroom.  God knows what He’s doing, it seems.


Ruby – Phlegmatic/Sanguine.  Phlegmatics, as we’ve discussed, just want everybody to get along, and Sanguines want to have lots of fun.  I have no favorite among my children (no nope never), but Ruby is seriously so so easy.  As any parent of multiple children will understand, a child who’s main goal in life is getting along with everybody is a GODSEND (hallelujah hands emoji).  She also happens to think I’m pretty and awesome so, cheers to you, Rubes.


If your main hobby is not staring googley eyed at sleeping babies, then we can’t be friends.

Zoe- Choleric/Sanguine.  Oh, Zoe.  Zoe, Zoe, Zoe.   Should I say it again? Okay: Zoe.  I have never had an angry baby.  I’ve seen angry babies, sure, being pushed around in strollers by other, less competent parents.  But my children never acted in such a way.  Last said by me, about twelve months and three weeks ago.  This kid has such a temper!  I used to blame it on teething, and the kid does have an obscene amount of teeth (what baby has her back molars before age 1?), but I’m starting to come out of denial and realize that, yes, she actually is trying to bite me.  She seems to get over things quickly (thank you, friend Sanguine) but it can be a bit of a wild ride until she does.

How have  I rambled on so far down the page about personality types??  I should probably be embarrassed by this, right?  In case any of you are thinking, seriously, this is your Easter weekend blog post!?  Let me remind you that I am Orthodox so Easter is still weeks and weeks away for me, so ha! I promise you, whilst I am shopping for deeply discounted Easter merch in the following weeks, I will be constructing something of a bit more depth to lay on ya’ll.  Or, I’ll write about how much I love the show Parenthood.  You’ll just have to wait and see!

P.S. In case you were wondering (you weren’t? what?) I am a Sanguine/Phlegmatic (No, Parris, I am not a Choleric. No!) and Shaine, sweet, blessed Shaine, is a Phlegmatic/Melancholic.  I highly recommend marrying a Phlegmatic. They are thee best.

P.P.S. Yes, I am aware that I use an unwholesome amount of commas.

And, (not P.P.P.S., this is too big to be a P.S.) to all my non-Orthodox friends out there: Happy Easter!  Christ is Risen!


Liebster Award

So, the lovely Amie Elna (love love love that name, btw) over at Becoming A wild Family nominated me for the Liebster Award!  Excuse me while I have a Viola moment:

In case you don’t know about it, the Liebster Award is basically a shout out to 5 of your favorite bloggers.  You ask them a set of questions, they answer, share, then ask 5 of their favorite bloggers a set of questions, who answer, share, and round and round it goes.

The fact that someone nominated me for anything, and it wasn’t my mom, makes me ridiculously excited.
Ok, since we’ve already established I’m a narcissist, I’m going to answer the questions Amie Elna has posed to me then list my 5 favs.  Ready? And Go!
1. Do you have pets?

Yes, I have an incredibly pathetic chi-weenie named Pippa.  Pippa always shakes, always, and seems to believe she has a great mission to complete and is just waiting for me to give me some code word decided on long ago.  Her life is basically following me everywhere, shaking, and waiting for my signal to save Gotham City.

dog and cat

We also have a cat named Johnny who is as laid back as Pippa is neurotic.  In fact, he’s so laid back he’s decided the litter box is simply too much work, he’d rather just use my bed/laundry basket/potted plants for his bizness.  Needless to say, he is now an outdoor only cat.

2. What’s the last thing you crafted/made?

Oh, you had to ask to me that, didn’t you?  Let’s see…I guess it would be what was supposed to be one of those blanket nest things for babies, you know with a closed end like a pea pod?  But turned out looking more like a beanie for the Rastafarian with the world’s longest dreads.  Annnd, just to prove how truly competent I am, I forgot about it until my baby was way too big to fit inside.

3. What’s your favorite season, why?

Up until a few years ago, I would have undoubtedly answered Fall, but I think it may now be Spring.  I think having children has really awoken the love of all things warm and flowery in me, but a big part of it is also the fact that I converted to Orthodox Christianity a few years ago and Easter (Pascha) is the focal point of the Orthodox year.  All year long it is referred to and anticipated and, when it finally arrives after a long loooonnnnggg Lent, the Feast is truly joyous.

4. What would your escape plan be for a zombie apocalypse?

I would defer to my husband as he has been anticipating such an event for many years.


(There’s an RPG under that baby.)

5. Would you rather hike on a concrete path or dirt path? Why?

Dirt path, all the way!  Because my true self is a fairy who lives in Scotland and has never seen or even imagined such a heretical thing as a concrete path.

6. What’s your favorite tree? Why?

Oh man, I love trees so much!  I could never be an astronaut or live in Mongolia (which strangely has no trees) because I simply cannot live without them.  I think my favorite would be Redwood Sequoias (the CA state tree, what WHAT) because they are everywhere up here in Northern CA and smell so so good.

7. Favorite ice cream flavor?

Hmm, this may lose me some blog followers but I don’t really like ice cream.  Unbelievable but true.  I don’t really like food that doesn’t require chewing, as I am a huge huge freak.  That is not to say I don’t like sweets.  I actually once went on a dessert-only diet, in hopes that if I ate only  dessert, I wouldn’t gain any weight.  Yeah, it didn’t work.

download(Any day now, the weight’s gonna drop…)

8. When in a beautiful garden, are you ever tempted to look for fairies… Just in case?

Of course!  It would hurt their feelings if I didn’t.

9. Any gardening tips?

Don’t water too much.  And don’t give up on them.  Many of my plants that have looked on the brink of death have been revived by new soil, position in the sun, or less water.

10. Favorite book read aloud?

Probably Harry Potter, which we are reading out loud right now, and which, contrary to some opinions, won’t transform your children into practitioners of Wiccan.  Actually, I think the story of Harry is incredibly allegorical and I see so much of Christ in Harry, as I do in all heroes.


NOW, for my five favorite bloggers.  That is so so hard!  I love so many!  I guess they would be:

Stories of Unschooling Family: I’ve mentioned Sue Elvis’ blog before.  She has probably been the greatest inspiration to me in unschooling and parenting in general.  If you’ve never read anything by her, check her out.  Her blog is a goldmine.

Adventures with my Kids: An Orthodox homeschooling blog written by Jenny, a mom to three adopted sons in addition to three other children.

Penelope Trunk: Ok, PT is way famous and I’m sure she will never condescend herself to even acknowledge this little nod, but I seriously do love her blog so I am including her anyway.  I don’t always agree with everything she says but most of her posts are just fascinating.  In fact, I like her so much that I accidently subscribed to her Career Blog as well as her Homeschool Blog, and I never unsubscribed, even though most of it is completely irrelevant to me.  I get a thrill every time a post arrives in my inbox.  If you want to give her a try, I’d recommend these posts:

~Schools Holds Kids to Standards Even Adults Wouldn’t Meet

~ Search is the Most Important Academic Subject Today

~ My Kids are 4 Years Below Grade Level and I Don’t Care

Eclectic Orthodoxy: Written by Father Aidan Kimmel who seems to love George MacDonald as much as I do (and maybe more).

And I’m kinda cheating here but I’m going to nominate a Podcast – Autastic:  A podcast about autism by two comedians with autistic loved ones. It’s so good, so funny, so gets you in the feels.  I have an autistic brother so there’s a big connection there for me, but I really think anyone could revel in the greatness of this podcast.

My questions for the nominees:

  1. If you could choose to have one person as a dinner guest (living/dead/fictional/real) who would it be?
  2. At what point in your life were you happiest?
  3. What is your favorite virtue?
  4. If you could time travel, when and where would you go?
  5. What is your greatest fear?
  6. If you could choose to live forever, would you?
  7. What do you consider the lowest depth of misery?
  8. Did you enjoy childhood more than you are enjoying adulthood, or vice versa?
  9. Do you believe God loves you? Why or why not?
  10. What is your greatest strength? Weakness?

So there you have it!  Thank you so much, Amie Elna, for nominating me for this award!  And, please, check out these blogs/podcast listed here, and Amie Elna’s as well; Becoming a Wild Family.  You won’t be sorry!



We Loveth Spring

(Don’t be put off by my mastery of ye olde English, I happen to be a Shakespearean actor.)

Isn’t it strange how siblings can come from the same parents, be raised in the same surroundings, with the same values, and yet develop such startlingly different personalities?  My eldest (see how I used eldest rather than the uncivilised oldest? Shakespeare, friends, Shakespeare) is a shrunk down, girled up Steve Irwin.  Really, she’s our little naturalist.  She actually forages.  I told her off hand once that dandelions are edible and she now eats them like potato chips.  Same with hibiscus flowers and wild strawberries.  The look on people’s faces never ceases to amuse me when she grabs a handful of flowers and chows them down.

jo flo

(Does anybody have some ketchup?)

(Yes, I know, these are daffodils- not edible)

Now, obviously, I’ve always enjoyed Spring, I haven’t given completely over to the dark side, but enjoying it with a True Nature Lover is such a joy.  She just notices everything, which of course, makes me notice them as well.

“Mommy, the cherry blossoms are blooming!”

“I heard a Blue Jay this morning!  He sounded like he was laughing at me!”

Running to me with her hands cupped around something small and mysterious, “Mommy, a ladybug!” or “Look, an earthworm!” or, even better “The first baby lizard!”

Though not quite as savage as their sister, my younger daughters are fairly wild themselves.  She is a good influence.  And this is just another reason I love homeschooling/unschooling so very much.  I have a hard time believing they would be as immersed in the natural world if they were in school all day.  They simply wouldn’t have the time!  And, as we rugged public-school vets know all t0o well, shouting out in rapturous joy at each new blooming flower or writhing worm just isn’t, well, cool.

For all the other parents of budding naturalists out there:


Journey North is a website for Citizen Scientists (also not cool: proudly proclaiming, “I’m a Citizen Scientist!” to all your friends. Side note: why isn’t it cool to be interested in things? I don’t get it…) to report any seasonal changes they’ve observed.  So far, we’ve reported robin sightings, robin flocks, earthworms, frogs singing, blue jays, geese, and ladybugs. We’re anxiously awaiting our first hummingbird sighting as well as Monarch butterflies.  An additional plus from giving these guys (who, in my rebel opinion, are very, very cool) your email address is they send you updates they’ve received from other (ultra, mega, sunglasses-inside cool) Citizen Scientists across the country.  For example, we know that ruby-throated hummingbirds have been spotted south of us and so should be here soon.

Ok, well, as I’ve been typing this post single handed as my 1-year-old alternately open mouth kisses my face and screams into my now very wet shoulder, I think I’ll be signing off now.  I hope this was helpful to someone out there and how how how does one smoothly end a post?  Not like this.  Until next time.


Reads I Love

(This picture of my 7 year old reading a book about midwifery was not staged.  At all.  She actually delivered all my children, herself included. )

Now, not all the following are specifically about unschooling.  I’ll put a little sparkle next to the ones that are.  Also, if I sat here typing until the next presidential election I wouldn’t be able to complete an exhaustive list of all the wonderful books/blogs/etc. there are to read out there.  Help me out and add the ones I missed in the comments section.

Books –

Free to Learn by Peter Gray*

Teach Your Own by John Holt*

How Children Fail by John Holt

How Children Learn by John Holt

Better Late Than Early by Raymond Moore

A Little Way of Homeschooling by Suzie Andres*


Stories of an Unschooling Family*

The Path Less Taken*

Unschooling Catholics*

Penelope Trunk – Education

Adventures with My Kids

My Child, I Love You

The Fike Life

Just Add Light and Stir*


Peter Gray at Psychology Today

Growing Without Schooling

John Taylor Gatto