Why am I even writing this?

OK, so I’ve been MIA for a while now…like, the little internet window at the top of the screen (what is that called?) didn’t even predictive type this site when I started typing it in kind-of-while.

And, realistically, I’m never going to consistently write on this thing.  It’s just a fact.  Consistency is not part of my DNA.  I could blame it on the four young barnacles that are stuck to me every moment of EVERY DAY, but I probably wouldn’t be consistent even if I lived on a deserted island with no children and great wi-fi.  It just ain’t gonna happen, folks.

So, why?  Why write this right now? I don’t know.  Maybe because I get crushed with guilt every time I get notified when someone has just checked out this site for the first time, or, worse, someone new has actually subscribed.  Gulp.  I mean, they thought they were signing up for some dependable, humorous, maybe (mostly) semi-lame posts about parenting and homeschooling and such.  Little did they know they’d stumbled across the biggest flake on the internet (ok, ok, I can’t really claim that title because, hello, INTERNET, but still) and they didn’t know they were NEVER going to get that email signaling them to new bloggy goodness.

Or maybe I just want to overshare in a safe place i.e. where no high school friends will see i.e. judge.  IDK.  But here is a new post.  Enjoy (or not.  I don’t want new ppl to think I’m pushy).

First things first: if anyone has subscribed to this blog bc they think I’m an expert on unschooling or homeschooling or parenting, I need to tell you right here and now: I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING.

Homeschooling: NO IDEA.

Parenting: NO IDEA.

Marriage: NO IDEA.

Life in general: NO IDEA.

Ok? Ok.

Second things second: what’s up?

Third things third: I have a confession. I have kinda sorta deviated from the unschooling path.  BUT I’M ON MY WAY BACK.  I think the hardest thing about homeschooling is the way all my grand ideals are crushed to fine powder by reality.  I mean, I think to myself, we’re going to read the Hobbit!  It’s going to be great!  They’re going to love it!  They’ll tell their children one day how much they loved it and then their children will love it too!  LA LA LA!!!

And then, we start to read it.  And they’re like “meh.”

And then I cry.  In my closet.  Alone.

This is how I began to deviate.  Bc I thought hell no, they have to read the Hobbit.  THEY HAVE TO LOVE THE HOBBIT.  And the friendly unschooling mom was quickly replaced by the Sit Your Rear Down and Shut Up While I Read This Beautiful Piece of Literature mom.  Good times.  By the way, if you were wondering how best to warp an enjoyable activity into a terrible experience, pm me later.

So, we walked down that path for a while, and by walk I mean I dragged us all.  And now, thanks to the wisdom of my wonderful husband, we are trying to find our way back to unschooling.

There, that is all for now.  Aren’t you glad you subscribed??

And now the portion of the blog where I force you to stare at and admire my children…



4 thoughts on “Why am I even writing this?

  1. Casey,

    I’m so glad you’re back to blogging and unschooling!!!

    Why are you writing this post? “Maybe because I get crushed with guilt every time I get notified when someone has just checked out this site for the first time, or, worse, someone new has actually subscribed.” I understand! Every time I decide I’m not going to write another blog post, record a podcast, make a video… someone subscribes and I think. “Oh no, now I’ll have to produce something for them to read/listen to/watch… They’ll be expecting it.” And so that’s what I do. I’m glad you’ve had some new subscribers. Now you’ll have to check in occasionally to keep us all happy!


    1. Sue, you’re always so kind and encouraging. You’re like my blog’s guardian angel, lol! Thanks for checking in! I’m still not sure the direction this blog is going to take but it is fun to check in every few weeks (ok, make that months) and say hi!


  2. Dude, tell me about it? I took two plus years off blogging…and then I went the route of sending my kids to school…because I’m that mom that caved to family pressures. But the kids are coming back home now and we’re going to be back on the path to unschooling, with limping us through meeting the state required stuff so we can continue to be left in peace. So I feel ya there. And I’m subscribing, so that once in a blue moon when the stars align and you do post and I happen to see it in my feed, I can actually drop by and say hello!


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