Happy Days are Here Again

Sho…It’s been forever and approximately one day since my last post and I know that ALLLL of you have beside yourself with worry and grief over my absence, but Fear Not.  The Lady has returned.  (please please please note the sarcasm).

I touched on this a bit in earlier posts but I’m a wee bit (never say little when wee would work; one of my life mantra’s) torn over how I should style this blog.  Preachy McPreacherson or Let Me Tell You About My Boring Day.  If you’ve perused this blog at all, then you’ve seen all the muddy soapboxes cluttering up the place and can see which direction I was originally leaning.  But.  I don’t think I can keep that up.  I mean, its kind of ridiculous.  My oldest child is 7 years old.  Why am I telling anybody how to do anything?!  One of my biggest pet peeves is when I realize a certain blog I’ve been reading, that’s chock freaking full of parenting advice, is written by a mom of, like one 3 year old kid.  I mean, Gurl, (always with a u, always) give me a break.

PC moment: Yes, that mom may be the Albus Dumbledore of moms and could have gems and gems (pirate chests full) of wisdom.  That. Is. Possible.

Anyway, I’m think I’m going to start leaning toward the Boring Day Highlight Reel (everybody cheers woo hoooooo).  And, since I’m super spontaneous and full of that elusive edge every writer craves, I thought I’d tell you all about it before I actually did it.  So.  I guess that’s done now.

Actually, before I do that (this is the sort of blog that requires a lot of prep work), let me brush you up on the star players that will be featured on said Highlight Reel.

Okie Dokie (side note: I may or may not be a female manifestation of Ned Flanders) let’s start with the lucky first born who, prior to her birth, I actually expected to be perfect every moment of every day (cue hysterical laughter).


Jolie. 7.

Likes: 1. Kissing her sisters.  2. Tormenting her sisters

Dislikes: 1. Being alone, this applies to every conceviable situation.  Yes, that one too.  2.  Mom’s rice.  Any other presention of rice is fine.

Moving on.


Anna. 5.

Likes: 1. Ice cream (clearly). 2. Being alone (to the joy of above sister, as you can imagine).

Dislikes (you knew this was a page for Christian Mingle, right?): 1. Foods that don’t end in the word “cream”. 2. Driving anywhere that is more than 2 minutes from our home.


Ruby. 3 (who, judging from above picture may or may not be a pirate).

Likes: 1. Hopping, particularly into or on top of people. 2. Mommy and Daddy’s bed (forever and always. Never ever ever ever ever leaving) (ever).

Dislikes: 1. Mornings. 2. Every single article of clothing hanging in her closet.



Zoe. Almost 1.

Likes: 1. Boobs. 2. Small, potentially fatal objects.

Dislikes: 1. Not being held, for any reason whatsoever. 2. her sisters’ sheninanigan’s (because she will always be perfect and will never so much as dream of doing anything to upset her mother.  We have a pact.)

So that’s it.  Wait, oh yeah.

s and c

We live here too.  (It took a shamefully long to time to find a pic of only us together). He’s Shaine.  I’m Casey.

Thanks for stopping by and all that polite stuff.  I would type a witty yet surprisingly deep farewell paragraph here but the 3 year old pirate is screaming “I’m sorry!” at the top of her lungs which is officially my cue to go.

Clever farewell sentence HERE.

P.S. I don’t have some fetish for unnecessarily huge photos.  I just do not know how to make them smaller.




4 thoughts on “Happy Days are Here Again

  1. Casey,

    I’m so happy to see you back! I was thinking about putting a comment on your last post saying, “Where are you? Come back!” but somehow I didn’t get around to doing it. Please know that I thought about it!

    I love all your photos and the introduction to your beautiful family. I love huge images too!

    Even after many, many years of parenting and unschooling, I still feel hesitant about getting up on my soap-box and sharing pearls of ‘wisdom’. I suppose we never get to the end of learning. But we just might know a thing or two about the stage where we happen to be at any one particular moment in time. So keep sharing! I love reading!

    Enjoy the weekend. I hope it’s a happy one for you and your family.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sue, I think, with 8 almost grown children, you have more than earned your right to get up on your soapbox! I am truly grateful for moms like you who share your experiences with us novices. I’m not sure I would have ever tried unschooling if it wasn’t for blogs like yours and our wonderful Yahoo group. God willing, one day I’ll be able to join your ranks! Thank you so much for your kind words and for thinking of me! I can so relate to the feeling you’ve described on your podcast, “What do I have to say?” I guess I should not take myself too seriously and just have fun with it, right? I do find blogging very fun.
      Thanks for stopping by!


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