The Benevolent Book Genie


(Note: this is not the Book Fairy.  However, I have a strict policy that if I find a pic of an angry man wearing wings, I must post it. If he happens to be holding a toilet brush as well, then it is truly out of my control.)

(Another note: Although practically an internet Jedi, I do not know the policy on posting pics and have yet taken the time to summon the energy to care.  My husband assures me the police will be at our door any day, demanding I take down all unauthorized picture of hairy fairies.  If that happens, I’m sure I’ll blog about it.)

So, while reading the lovely blog Gossiping with Dragons today, I came across this fun link up.  It’s from the girls over at The Broke and the Bookish.  Apparently, they do one each week on varying subjects and invite us fellow bloggers to join in.  This week is, “What ten wishes would you ask the book fairy?”  All I can say is, woot woot!  As well as, just 10???? Here goes:

  1. Dear Book Fairy, I would like access to each and every book of my choosing.  I would like them to be free, have a slightly old but not mildewy smell, and be free of book covers that I will inevitably rip on accident and throw away.
  2. Dear Book Fairy, (this is important) I would like the ability to change terrible and heart shattering plot twists from otherwise wonderful books.  For example, Rhett goes to Scarlett after the miscarriage so he can hear her calling his name and realize she loves him.  Also, while we’re talking Gone with the Wind here, Bonny DOES NOT die. Finnick from Hunger Games does not die.  Fred Weasley, Sirius Black, and Dobby Do. Not. Die. (In case you live in a deep, dark underwater cave, I’m talking Harry Potter here).  In fact, let’s just put a stop to offing the most beloved characters from books everywhere (whyyyy do they do this?!)
  3. Dear Book Fairy, I would like the ability to visit any of the book settings I choose, as any character I choose.  You may call me Dumbledore.
  4. Dear Book Fairy, I would like the power to stop time as I am reading, whenever, wherever and for however long I like.
  5. Dear Book Fairy, I would also like the power to keep a book going as long as I like and not be bothered with ends until I am good and ready for them.
  6. Dear Book Fairy, I would be just thrilled if you could grant me the ability to create my own  books EXACTLY as they appear in my vague, shadowy subconscious where everything is lovely and impossible.  And purple.
  7. Dear Book Fairy, also, I don’t see the harm in you allowing me to bring certain characters to life so we can hang out and I can be assured, yes, we would in fact be best friends. Jo March + Me = BFF
  8. Dear Book Fairy, whimsical illustrations every 25 pages or so.  Let’s make this a thing.
  9. Dear Book Fairy, (where have you been all my life, btw?) movie execs need my personal approval before they are allowed to bring any book I have ever read to the screen.  No, you may not.  Unless you’re planning on making a British mini series and every episode is slated to be at least four hours long.  Then, by all means, go ahead.
  10. Dear Book Fairy, last but certainly not least, I’m gunning for your job.

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