God in Zero Gravity


This is a picture of the Russian side of the International Space Station.

“We have four holy icons on the Russia segment. We also have the gospels and a big cross,” wrote Maksim Suraev (a Russian cosmonaut). “And I have a reliquary cross in my cabin. A priest gave it to me at Baikanur before the launch. Father Job told me a piece of the original cross on which Jesus was crucified is contained in mine.”

I don’t have much to say about this other than, wow.  I first saw this picture on Pinterest.  Whoever posted it had added the caption, “Study Science, they said? You’ll lose your faith in God, they said?”  Apparently not.

I don’t need a picture of the American side to know it looks much different.

This is just a short and sweet post.  I wanted to share this picture with you all on the chance it might be as meaningful to you as it is to me.

May God bless all His astronauts, those that cared to bring their holy things and those that did not.


Quote from Wired


2 thoughts on “God in Zero Gravity

  1. Completely awesome! I’m sorry I can’t comment on your post but I am lame (well not literally in the old-fashioned sense, but techno-challenged!)

    Our son went to Joseph a couple of years ago and was blown away by the faith there and the gorgeous churches (orthodox and catholic) and the people – it was so great.

    So yeah, I’m not suprised by the icons – but how cool! forwarding to Jos now! keep writing!!! love, Suzie

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