Maybe you haven’t noticed but I changed my URL.  I was 0rthodoxunschooling.wordpress.com.  I am now abitunorthodox.wordpress.com.

I felt it was important to do this because I don’t want to come off as though I am the expert of unschooling.  That would be stupendously ridiculous as my eldest child is barely 7 and may turn out, well, there’s no telling how she may turn out.  I’m confident she will be great.  No matter what, she will be great to me, but its not as though she’s just completed her doctorate in Nuclear Physics.  Then, then I could be an expert and tell all y’all what’s what.


Workin’ on it.

Even more terrifying is the thought that one might think I was asserting myself as an expert of Orthodoxy.  


Just. No.

This blog is about a bewildered, befuddled, struggling, stumbling, falling, failing though also joyful (and jousting?) Orthodox Christian who also happens to be a novice, nervous (I could go on forever; night owl, novel reading, nonsensical blog writing) unschooling mom, her unsuspecting husband, and their four guinea pigs.

Don’t be jealous of my natural self-promotion abilities.

*Disclaimer:  I am NOT an expert.  The only thing I am an expert at is writing terrible rambling run on sentences.

Alright.  So, we’re clear?  Good.


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