Reads I Love

(This picture of my 7 year old reading a book about midwifery was not staged.  At all.  She actually delivered all my children, herself included. )

Now, not all the following are specifically about unschooling.  I’ll put a little sparkle next to the ones that are.  Also, if I sat here typing until the next presidential election I wouldn’t be able to complete an exhaustive list of all the wonderful books/blogs/etc. there are to read out there.  Help me out and add the ones I missed in the comments section.

Books –

Free to Learn by Peter Gray*

Teach Your Own by John Holt*

How Children Fail by John Holt

How Children Learn by John Holt

Better Late Than Early by Raymond Moore

A Little Way of Homeschooling by Suzie Andres*


Stories of an Unschooling Family*

The Path Less Taken*

Unschooling Catholics*

Penelope Trunk – Education

Adventures with My Kids

My Child, I Love You

The Fike Life

Just Add Light and Stir*


Peter Gray at Psychology Today

Growing Without Schooling

John Taylor Gatto


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