The following is a list of those I would like to dedicate this blog to.  Due to the obscure title of this post, I felt the need to explain.



Sometimes, when I pray, I call our home the Garden of the Theotokos.  This is what I want it to be.  Her garden, where she helps me tend to these holy flowers.


Saint Porphyrios

Regarding the importance of gentle parenting:

“I will tell you something about other animate and non-rational be­ings and you will understand what I mean. In America the following experiment was carried out: in two identical rooms which were kept at exactly the same temperature flowers were planted in identical soil and watered in exactly the same way. There was, however, one differ­ence: in the one room gentle, soothing music was played. And the re­sult? The flowers in that room displayed an enormous difference in relation to the flowers in the other room. They had a quite different vitality, their colours were more attractive and they grew incompara­bly better.”

Pray for us, dear Saint!


Pippi, the Ultimate Unschooler.


Happy, naked, chubby babies.  The best thing this side of Heaven.


Coffee.  No words needed.  Though if this coffee were talking, it’d be saying, “Oh, WHAT?”


Mr. Rochester’s wife.  So misunderstood.  Relax, Jane.


These guys.  Plus that chubby baby further up.  She wouldn’t get on the horse.


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