If you want to know…



I thought, maybe, I should I write a wee bit about meself, on the off chance any of you are like me and like to read random lists about total strangers.  So,

  1. I am Casey
  2. I have 4 kids. All two years apart.  All girls.
  3. Having 4 girls is awesome.
  4. Awesome.
  5. Sometimes I call myself Marmee, in my head.  You know, Little Women.
  6. I have been married 8 years.
  7. I got married when I was 21, and Shaine, my him, was 19.
  8. Yes, I like to rob cradles.
  9. We are converts to Orthodoxy from Evangelical Protestantism, something I’m sure I’ll write muchhhhhhh more about than any of you would care to read.
  10. My husband and I met in Youth With A Mission, in Adelaide, Australia.  G’Day.
  11. No, none of our daughters are named Adelaide (why?)
  12. Out the 4 above mentioned children, 2 are still in our bed.  We are those kind of people.
  13. I pretend that I really like to sew, knit and crochet, but what I actually like is pinning cute stuff on pinterest.
  14. I have not gone into labor naturally with any of my children. My eldest was induced after she was 8 days late.  No. 2 was 14 days late and induced.  No. 3 induced on her due date.  No. 4 induced after 17 days late.
  15. Yeah.
  16. We used to want 10, 11, 12 children, when we first married.  Now, that seems like a crazy drug induced experiment meant to discover what happens when no one brushes their teeth and is it possible to be smothered to death by dirty laundry?
  17. I kind of still do want a huge, crazy family.
  18. Well, a huge family.  Hold the crazy.
  19. I am one of 4, though I have 2 step siblings who feel like just regular non-stair like siblings.
  20. I am the third born and have all the desirable traits one expects in a middle child.
  21. My youngest brother is autistic.
  22. Yes, we think vaccines had something to do with it.  BOOM!
  23. I’m an unschooler.  Shocker, because you couldn’t tell that from the url address, right?
  24. My oldest daughter reminds me a LOT of Han Solo.
  25. My second daughter is incredibly sensitive, which is hard for me as I’m practically a sociopath.  Kidding?  Probably.
  26. My third daughter is so pretty I kind of dread the day she figures it out and it becomes a Thing.
  27. She looks nothing like me, so, no, it’s not conceited to say that.
  28. I don’t have much to say about daughter No. 4 as she’s 6 months old.
  29. Except I love her.  She is my squishy and I shall call her Squishy.
  30. IMG_2826 Zoe for President, 2016.
  31. I am very neurotic about my kids watching TV.  I’m somehow convinced that one too many episodes of Strawberry Shortcake will cripple them (psychologically? spiritually?) for life.
  32. My favorite movie is Moonstruck, which I like to watch when I’m feeling hypocritical about no. 31.
  33. My favorite (fiction) books are A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Little Women (duh), The Mark of the Lion Series, and something I’m going to remember as soon as I publish this page.
  34. I’d waaaaaaaay rather hang out with my kids than friends.
  35. My favorite kind of person is Nice.
  36. My least favorite kind of person gives unsolicited advice constantly.
  37. Like by writing a blog about unschooling.
  38. I’m a wee bit obsessed with the Myers Briggs personality test and have classified (pigeon-holed. forever.) my whole family, every character on every TV show I watch, and most celebrities.
  39. I’m an INTP, which explains the sociopath thing.  It’s also the most rebellious combo, which doesn’t explain the fact that I’ve chosen to unschool. At all.
  40. My husband is an INTJ.  I think God for that J.
  41. I am convinced I could never be happily married to an S.
  42. Not that I don’t like S’s.  My sister is an S and I’m practically in love with her.  I just need that N around the house.
  43. Figuring out my kids’ combo’s has been super duper (don’t be intimidated by my mastery of the adverb) helpful in understanding them.  I used this book to do it.
  44. My husband is really cute.
  45. I have a chi-weenie named Pippa who thinks I am God.  It makes me slightly uncomfortable.
  46. My patron saint is St. John the Baptist, who I chose after I dreamed of his icon two nights in a row.
  47. Getting to know Mary as the Theotokos has been one of the greatest Joys (yes, that needed a capital J) of my life.
  48. I live in California, the land where everyone feels guilty about flushing the toilet.
  49. George MacDonald has been perhaps the greatest influence of my spiritual life.  If you have never read anything by him, please, stop reading this nonsense and get this immediately.
  50. I’m going to stop this list at 51. I promise.
  51. I am a spy.

4 thoughts on “If you want to know…

  1. Casey, I love your blog! I am an INFJ (okay, sometimes an ENFJ. Kinda borderline on the I/E) so I never really have criticisms of people, but if I do have just one it is that being a wee bit obsessed with Myers-Briggs is not being enough obsessed!

    Okay, and I’m not sure about the chi-weenie, but I’ll trust you on that, especially since you appreciate your husband’s J-ness. (My husband is an INTP too. Not sure he’s always grateful for my J!)

    So much more to say, but seeing you love St. John the Baptist, maybe you will like this post:

    His saying — “No one can receive anything unless it is given to him from heaven” — has meant so much to me lately.

    Like receiving your blog – it must have come to me from heaven 🙂
    Really loved your list!
    Keep writing please!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Casey, I love your opening post! The comment about Han Solo was hilarious, as well as your thoughts on kids and tv! I’m a convert from evangelica protestantism to Catholicism, so I’m sure we could share many stories! Best wishes on your blog. I think you’ve got a great conversational tone.

    Liked by 1 person

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