First things…


(The above picture is completely irrelevant to the below post.)

So, it is my personal belief that one has to be a bit of a narcissist to write a blog. Luckily for you all, I just happen to be one!  (Just kidding.  I think.  I hope.)  In all honesty, the reason I am writing this is to fill the current unschooling Orthodox void in blogdom.  If that’s not a niche, I don’t know what is.

When I first began researching unschooling, after hitting that ten foot thick brick wall of learning with my eldest who, I am positive, used to like me before all this started, I found many resources and much advice.  Problem was, nearly all this advice came from secular sources.  Which made me wonder, can I do this, as a Christian?  As an Orthodox Christian?  Is it possible to walk this road with young Orthodox children and finish with devout, disciplined Orthodox adults?  Because if it wasn’t, I wasn’t going to do it.  That goes without saying.  And typing.  But I typed it anyway.  I’m a rebel, obvi. A crazy, unschooling rebel.  Run, run now.

Anyway, God, in His great, unlimited kindness to me, brought a wonderful, wonderful (I’m excellent at using original adjectives) unschooling Catholic family into my life.  WIthout writing a novel, which I would never do because I’m uncommonly succinct and never, never go off on long tangents like this one, I’ll give you the deets you want so desperately:

Their kids, all 7(!) of them are:

  1. Smart
  2. and, more importantly, which is why I made it no 2 instead of no 1, they are the most devout young people I’ve ever met.

They were the springboard I needed.  And so, after meeting one family, I changed my entire way of life.

No, that’s not what happened.

But, they were my first big influence.  I have had many since then and, because I am nothing if not organized, I will post those links in another post.

This family had something I wanted.  Something I felt I had lost somewhat, or maybe, at least, might be in the process of losing.  An intimacy that we, as a family, had cherished once but which had seemed to be evaporating once the kids hit that all important age of 4 and had to start wearing ties and filling out IRS documents.  The parents of these kids were so…happy.  So relaxed.  So, for want of a better word, chill.  And the kids!  Well behaved, happy as well, peaceful, and, like I said, smart.  Did I say they were smart? Because they were, and are, as far as I know, Smart.  (Intelligence is not important to me at all.)

Okay, wrap it up!  Wrap it up!  So, before I suck alllll the battery out of your computer, I’ll tell you what you are all on pins and needles (p and n’s people) about.  I tried it.  It worked.  My kids are prodigy’s.  All four of them.  Even the 6 month old.  And saints.  Saints too.  Of course.

That might be a beet extreme.  But we are better.

So here it is; all my well tested, always successful, never a bad day expertise.  (LOL).  I am actually a baby at all this (whyyyy can’t I use emoji’s on here?  A baby emoji face needs to be Right. Here.).  But, I do believe in it.  I believe passionately in it.  And I have been blessed by it.  So blessed.  Cups overflowing kind of blessed.

I hope you enjoy sharing our journey.


2 thoughts on “First things…

  1. Can I just say that “orthodox unschooling” is the coolest word combo ever?
    Super glad you found unschooling.
    Very fun to see someone have the same questions we did. (Can we be Christians and unschoolers?) And more fun still to see you get the same answers. (Yes! Absolutely! This way leads to joy!)
    And I’m so glad you have started your blog! It is lovely, as I think you are too!!!
    May our good and generous Lord and Savior bless you abundantly. Even more than He has. He’s God – He can do yet more! Just wait and see and enjoy!
    And keep writing – you are delightful to read!

    Liked by 1 person

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